"If one should ask me what "use" there was in climbing, or attempting to climb the world's highest peak, I would be compelled to answer "none." There is no scientific end to be served; simply the gratification of the impulse of achievement, the indomitable desire to see what lies beyond the heart of man."
― George Mallory

In the years that it took me to climb my mountain to graduate from Holy Cross College, I was presented with more challenges that tested my physical, mental, and spiritual limits. My climb was arduous, taxing, and seemingly hopeless at times, but through the sheer desperation and despondency, I found myself stronger with every rock that I climbed. Every time I stretched my arm for the next stone to grab hold of, an internal growth took place that pushed me beyond the limits that were set for me.

Coming from extremely humble beginnings, I found myself trapped by the invisible cage of the American caste system. Friends, high school educators, and even my parents all seemed to have the idea that I was meant to only be a workhorse. I would spend my time in a skilled-labor career and let time and physical labors destroy my body and imagination. This is a life that I could not accept. There was a drive within myself to experience something more.

Now that I find myself near graduation, the summit most doubted I could reach, I reflect on the many pitfalls and triumphs of my expedition. The many experiences that Holy Cross College has given to me, have been the tools needed to make a climb so treacherous, so life-affirming. It's been a blessing and has changed my life forever. I have been given gifts and have learned how to harness my talents for the betterment of, not only myself, but the world around me. I learned that the battle to climb this mountain was never about proving others that I could, but it was instead to prove to myself that I could.

So as I begin my life outside of college, I do so with the confidence that not even a mountain can stand in my way. I now know that there is nothing that I can't do; anything that I put my mind to can be reachable. It just begins with the first step and hope.

As you have come to understand a small part of my story, I implore you to use the tabs on the left hand side of the page to get the full idea of my story; to see the boy that I was and the man that I have become. Thank you.